Yes, we can all probably do it ourselves and ‘save’ money, however, is this the best use of our time? And does it really save any money if it doesn’t make you any money? You are still going to have to stump up the ad spend.

In most cases your time is better spent on your core business.  Sure, we’re starting out we have to be a jack of all trades, however as we scale knowing when to call in an expert and focusing your efforts on running the business can make a huge difference to your bottom line.

Asking for advice from an expert can speed up the journey and get you the results you need faster.

I’ve been there, working all hours trying to understand every new app and tool, still unsure if I could do better. When I worked out what I could earn if I was spending that time selling or serving clients, the decision to invest in experts was a no-brainer.

What value will outsourcing my Facebook ads to a specialist bring to my business?

Ultimately, you’re calling on an expert who understands the ad manager system, Facebook audiences and campaign management better than you do. They have chosen to specialise and will keep up to date on the latest trends. 

In my case, I’ve also got exclusive access to an awesome group of fellow expert Facebook marketers to call on when needed. You don’t just get my expertise but input from a group of trained specialists. This includes a seriously good mentor who was trained directly by Facebook’s Global Strategy Team. Insider info, global expertise and a willingness to crack every challenge. What more could you want!

The benefits to you:

  • It will free up your time to spend on your core business and allow you to take on more work and increase your income.
  • You’ll have clear insight into what is working to make informed decisions about how to take your advertising forward.
  • You’ll have access to the latest insights, tools and trends to ensure your business keeps up with the ever changing Facebook environment and makes the most of it’s algorithm.
  • Successful and well managed ads will create a pipeline or leads and or sales for your business, increasing your revenue.
  • Your return on your ad investment will be maximised. You’ll get more money back from your ads, over time, than you invest. A great strategist will be testing and monitoring your campaign to get the very best results for each £1 your spend. So your £100 may get £200 in sales but could it get you more and if so how much more? You’ll arrive at that answer through the process.

It’s just another cost, or is it?

Yes, you’ll have to invest in both advertising spend and fees if you hire in a Facebook ads strategist, but it is an investment to generate a return, not just a cost. For more details on working this figure out for your business, click here.

The first month will likely be your main up front investment. In this month we we will set up audiences and assets ahead of the ads running. From month two you should see some tangible results. These may be directly attributable sales or valuable leads, that it is down to you to convert. Either way your outgoings will start to balance and then be overtaken by your direct and indirect incomings from the advertisements.

What does it cost to hire a Facebook ads specialist?

Fees are linked to the complexity of the campaign: How many ads will be running and to how many audiences? Are you running funnels? Similarly, if your ad spend is high, the campaign will require more management time and can lead to higher fees.  Discussing your requirements in a discovery call will get you a better idea of what fees are likely to be. If you want to book a call, click here.

What do you get for your money?

Running a successful ads campaign takes time and expertise. Anyone can set up an ad but are you sure you’re getting the best return that you can? Are you sure that you’re reaching your target customers? To really succeed you should be checking in daily to avoid wasting your money. Metrics should be tracked and testing analysed.

When you account for the time spent and the value added to your business (together with the sales/leads generated), you should be making money not losing it.

However, full service campaign creation and management is not your only option…

What can I do for you?

  • Full ad campaign management: including audience and campaign creation, daily management of the campaign and spend, reporting on metrics, creation of multiple ad variations, full testing to maximise the return on your investment. For more details on what this service entails, click here.
  • Ads Power Hour: this is an hour of my time to spend asking me anything regarding your Facebook ads. We can brainstorm your campaign, analyse existing campaigns and decide on next steps. You should finish feeling more confident in your next steps and how to make decisions around your campaign. This is done via Zoom online, so that we can share screens and get practical.
  • Ads Incubator: you’ll have an initial 1hr call with me, like a power hour, to get you going on your next steps and then three more follow up calls each week, each of half an hour. During these calls we will analyse your campaign and sort out practical next steps which will improve your results. This is perfect for getting you going and leaving you feeling confident that you’re not wasting your money.
  • Coaching Package: this is more of a one to one training session, structured by me in response to your requirements and can be done face to face or online.
  • Facebook ads workshops: I currently run local workshops, with plans to run them online. If you are local to Farnham, Surrey come and join my next one or sign up to my newsletter to be the first to hear of my online courses. Contact us if you are interested.

As a guide to my fees, click here.

If you want a free audit of your ad account or to discuss what we can do for you and your business contact us and we’ll set up a call.

I hope this blog was useful to you and welcome any questions and feedback.


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