85% of videos are watched without sound, so captions are essential when creating video for use on social media.

There are two methods that we recommend if you want to add subtitles to your social media videos.

Adding subtitles on upload
  1. Start by uploading your finished video to Rev.com to receive an .srt file of your subtitles within 24hrs.
  2. When uploading your video to Facebook you can add your .srt file so that subtitles automatically show on your video.
  3. Select Subtitles & Captions on the right and then add your video language, before choosing upload.


Your subtitles appear when the sound is off, so don’t worry if you can hear the video and don’t see the subtitles.

LinkedIn and YouTube also enable you to add your .srt file and combines it on upload. 


On YouTube your viewer can select to view subtitles by selecting the captions button. Otherwise the subtitles won’t be visible. Test with the button on to check that your subtitles are working.

Adding Subtitles & Captions before upload

Create your .srt file as above.

To burn the .srt file (your captions) permanently to your video you can use a tool like KapWing

Upload your video and then choose to upload an srt file (see below). If you have a short video or just want to add some captions you can type these direct onto Kapwing without the need to create an .srt first.

If you are cropping a video to a shorter viewing width e.g. from landscape to square, be sure to keep your captions central. 

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