Posting to social media with no clear strategy is a waste of your resources. Did you know that 71% of consumers who have had a good social experience of a brand likely to recommend it to a friend?

Creating a coherent plan upfront will ensure that every post gets you one step closer to smashing your business objectives.

Why is it worth the investment up front?

Relationship building

Social media is about building relationships. These relationships only benefit your business if they are with the right people and you’ve considered how, why and what you are communicating.

Hitting a networking event with no idea who you want to meet or what you will talk about, is a waste of your time. Similarly, you wouldn’t roll out the same lines to every person you meet. The best results come from tailoring your message to your target audience. But who are you targeting?

The same is true of social media. Showing up to the party with no strategy or at worst simply broadcasting to anyone and everyone is not going to win you any friends. You don’t want to be the party bore or the wallflower. Watch how quickly people will step away (and not come back)!

Remember first impressions count. You want to leave a great impression and have them looking forward to the next time you meet.

Benefits of creating a rock-solid social media strategy:

1. Streamlining your efforts

Your resources are limited. You’re already busy delivering for your clients but you know you also need to build a pipeline for the future. Choosing where to spend your time wisely is critical to business growth success.

A strategy helps you make decisions about where to invest your time and spend effectively and ensures your team is focused on the same goal. This reinforces your messaging at all points avoiding diluting the impact of your campaigns. No more waste.

2. Knowing your destination gets you there faster

Like using a map, you have to be clear about where you are heading to get there efficiently. You don’t want to have to stop at every turn and decide which way to go, hoping you arrive somewhere that suits your business.

Plotting your route first will save time in the long run and see you hit your objectives earlier. A social strategy is your personal GPS. No more wrong turns.

3. Brand consistency builds trust

Good relationships are based on trust. Building trust requires consistency. When people know what to expect, they can make an informed decision on whether to engage with you rather than ignore you.

Back to networking in real life. On first meeting, Mr Jones is full of laughter and edgy jokes but the next time you see him he comes across as pious and serious, would you trust him? This change in personality and approach breeds suspicion. Who is he, what does he want and what’s his agenda? His unpredictable nature puts you off rather than encouraging you to find out more.

Be bold and decide how you want your brand to come across and stick to it. It doesn’t have to appeal to everyone, just your identified target audience. Your audience should clearly understand what you stand for and what they can expect from you in order to trust you. Not everyone will like you but you don’t need to get on with everybody, just those who are important to your business.

4. Effective content gets results

Clear objectives lead decisions about the type of content you should create.  What do you audience actually want from your content – entertainment? Inspiration? Yes, cat videos get engagement but is investing in one going to help your audience favour your business over that of your competitors? It all depends on who you are talking to and why.

Keeping in mind your objectives allows you to craft better more relevant content for your audience. What type of action do you want your targets to take? How do you want them to feel about your brand? Ideas will flow faster and sourcing content will be much easier with a plan in place.

Content should be high quality and relevant while also eliciting  emotion. You need to decide exactly who you are speaking to and really understand your audience to ensure your posts are relevant to them.

5. Posting optimally boosts reach and engagement

Two of the biggest barriers to consistent posting and a coherent campaign are not being sure what to post or how often.

To really build brand awareness or engagement you need to post regularly. This consistent posting  boosts organic reach and helps keep your brand front of mind as your audience starts to build a relationship with you.

Posting inconsistently weakens the impact of your campaign. Once you have a clear plan, you can develop a content pipeline with more ease and keep stoking the fire before it goes out. No more delays when all goes quiet on the social front.

6. Measure, refine and improve

With clear objectives to measure against you can ensure that you get the best ROI for your business. How can you assess success without a yardstick?

Good strategies should always be tested and refined rather than left to run irrespective of results. To decide which metrics to track and assess, you need to first agree your goals on social media.

Regular tweaking of your strategy will ensure you don’t waste efforts on tactics that don’t work.

7. Define success

Knowing what success for your business looks like on social will allow you to assess your social media efforts.

Translating your business objectives into realistic social media goals will help you identify success on social.

The bottom line

If you want to use your resources wisely, find inspiration quickly and get engagement from your target audience, finalise a strategy before posting.

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