If you’ve got a healthy marketing budget then the answer is probably both but definitely use Facebook and Instagram Ads. The targeting options are superior and the costs are far lower.

What they both do?

Both Google and Facebook have huge reachmore than 3.5 billion daily searches take place on Google whist Facebook has roughly 1.45 billion daily active users.

They also offer in depth targeting options (although Facebook’s are more granular and there are more to choose from). 

You can retarget on both although cost and options vary.

Intent to buy

This is where Google Ads can have the advantage… although there is one caveat!

Google Ads is paid search and differs from your Facebook Ads audience due to intent. If someone is searching for Adventure Travel or specific experiences on Google they already have the intent to buy. You could argue that this group is more valuable to you, as they are already in the market to buy and know what they’re looking for.

Note – you will have to pay for this intent. Costs per action are higher than for Facebook advertising. Is it worth it? Read on…

But how can they search for you if they don’t yet know what to search for? Your audience is after a unique experience that immerses them in local culture and provides an adventure. You offer something special, something that they may not know even exists as an option. So, what do they search for to find you? What if they’re looking at the USA when they could have at better or more affordable experience near you, but just don’t know it yet.

The World is huge and there are tons of unimaginable experiences available. Facebook Ads allow you to tell people you are there and show them what’s available to them before they know what they’re looking for. Perfect if they’re already planning on being in that area but you can also get in there before they’ve decided where to go or what to do.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if they based their trip entirely around your experience? With Facebook ads you have a greater chance to shape their planning and ideas right from the start.

How to Create the Intent on Facebook

Facebook ads can show your experiences to people who are likely to be interested in your offer but haven’t yet realised that it even exists to book.

They’re already travelling near you

Facebook’s geotargeting options mean that you can target people already travelling locally who could book your service because they’re nearby and want to add to their trip experience. You can target people who are within a certain distance of you but usually live more than 100 miles away i.e. travellers/visitors rather than locals. 

They’re already researching a region or country

Find people intending to travel – broadly to a region or to a specific country or place. This interest-based targeting approach finds an audience that is already researching sites and places in a region. Your offer can be targeted around that specific region to really personalise the ads you show.

Find Adventure and Experential Travel Enthusiasts

You can build out an audience of people who are interested in particular activites e.g. climbing, surfing or cooking. You can leave this broad and entice them to plan a specialised trip in your direction or combine with geo-targeting to refine your targeting to those interested in a particular place.

Target those with Travel Intent

Facebook have an option to target people who have demonstrated intent to travel – Trip Consideration e.g. they’ve been looking at content that suggests they are planning a trip or and adventure.

Combine this with targeting focused on destinations that are related to your offer and you’ll be raising awareness of your brand amongst the exact audience that you are after. Now you are able to find those demonstrating intent on Facebook at a much lower cost than Google Ads.

It’s more than just the ads

People hang out on Facebook and Instagram for fun. They’re looking for inspiration, entertainment and to stay in touch with their friends. Not only that, people are increasingly using Facebook to be an active part of a community. To follow pages or groups that feed them interesting content and spark their imagination and conversation.

Adventures and experiences are exciting and inspiring and naturally fit in people’s personal lives. Social media is the perfect place to receive this content when your audience is looking for a distraction from their day to day grind.

87% of Millenials on Facebook use it for travel inspiration and 52% of Facebook users are inspired to plan a trip by the content thesee on the platform. You can’t afford not to be there. With the decline of organic reach, paid promotion is essential to drive reach and awareness of your content.

Travel and Adventure creatives

Sharing incredible visuals is perfect fodder for tired, ‘I need an escape’ eyes, scrolling on their way home from work or when the kids have gone to bed.

The creatives in the Adventure and Experience space lend themselves perfectly to stopping the scroll. Incredible scenery, emotive experiential videos, and images, bright and bold colours, new landscape and scenery perspectives. The World is epic – there’s no need to fake and decorate it in order to catch people’s eye.

Google doesn’t allow you to share these images and videos to grab attention. You’ve already invested in these creatives why waste them when they can pull people in and act as the perfect shop window on social.

Unlike less inspiring industries, Facebook/Instagram users don’t mind beautiful and inspirational travel images and videos interrupting their social space. 

Community Creation

The buyer journey can be long and complex in the travel industry. Hours of research are required – when, where, how, can I get time off work and ultimately price! At high price points, it’s unlikely that you’ll get impulse buyers.

Using your Facebook page to create an engaged audience that you can inspire and engage throughout the year will help reduce your cost per lead.

Did you know that you can target your Facebook and Instagram engagers with ads?

When your audience sees ads on Facebook or Instagram they may well like your page to ensure they stay in touch and see your content. Advertising on these platforms can help build this valuable community for you and give you a wider audience to retarget.

Custom audiences and lookalikes

If you’ve got the Facebook pixel on your website then you can create custom audiences based on actions taken on your site e.g. website visitors or those that download a brochure or add to basket but don’t buy. Even more exciting – you can create lookalike audiences of these custom audiences. Facebook will identify people in a population that share characteristics with the people who already buy from your site or browse particular destinations or experiences.

These audiences are far more likely to respond well to your marketing efforts. Pretty powerful eh?

Costs per result are lower on Facebook

Partly because there’s less intent, cost per result tends to be far lower on Facebook than on Google or any of the more traditional marketing/advertising methods for that matter.

Where average cost for Google Ads can be around £1 per click, Facebook will be closer to 50p (although these both vary by industry). These costs allow you to reach more people with the same budget on Facebook and Instagram and if your budget is limited it’s obvious where you’ll get more for your money. Don’t forget you can now include Trip Consideration in your targeting so you can identify people who are demonstrating intent, all for a much lower cost.

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