A clearly outlined objective streamlines your efforts, makes the most efficient use of resources, and allows you to assess the value of your social media investment.

Social media objectives support your business objectives yet differ from them. They outline measurable goals that can be achieved on social to reflect your wide goals. Social media marketing is a necessary part of your wider marketing efforts but it isn’t a golden bullet.

Why define a clear goal?

How would any football team claim they scored without being able to see the goal and understanding which direction they were heading?

Your social media objective indicates which of the many insights and metrics that you should focus on, to track the success of your campaigns.  For more on why defining a clear strategy will help your business grow check out our earlier blog.

Social media and business objectives

Your goals on social media need to align with and compliment your marketing efforts and support your business objectives. They are not, however, the same as your business goals.

What does almost every business owner claim they want? You guessed it – more sales!

Yes, social media is an important, cost-effective way to market your business but no it cannot deliver sales in isolation. There are many factors involved in closing a sale that social media can’t influence. Is your product what your target audience want? Is it the right price? What’s your website’s usability like – does it explain what you do, make it easy to search and buy?

A great social media strategy works best to generate leads when it is part of a broader marketing strategy.  For more on the ROI of social media check out this blog.

What can social media marketing do for your business?

Build brand awareness

Let more people know what you do, what’s great about it and why your product or service is right for them.

Build an engaged community

Get people talking about your brand whilst creating a relationship with your business and building loyalty and trust.

Drive website traffic

Encourage your audience to leave social and visit an engaging landing page on your website.

Build your mailing list

Encourage email sign-ups for your newsletter which allows you to capture valuable emails and continue to market directly to your audience.

More advanced goals can outline behaviours on your website, but these require good use of tools such as google analytics to measure outcomes.

What social media cannot do for your business

Drive sales in isolation

Other elements of your marketing mix need to be working well towards the same end goal too, as does your customer service.

Get results without persistence, time and patience

Getting social right requires you to agree to play the long game.  Relationships and trust are only built over time.

Succeed without 2-way communication and engagement

Relationship building with influencers and targets takes time! Your social platforms are not just an advertising billboard – the clue is in the word ‘social’.

Your social media strategy should underline and support your business objectives whilst clearly specifying what success on your platforms looks like.

Choosing a realistic goal

Choosing a social media objective that suits your business is essential.

Realistic targets for your business depend on:

  1. How well established your brand is
  2. Whether you are known for what you want to be and by how many people (breadth and depth of awareness)
  3. How engaged your existing community is on your social platforms
  4. Do you have a new product/service/message to communicate
  5. Your ultimate business objectives

It is necessary to build awareness, before establishing an engaged community to help drive traffic to your business. People don’t like to be pushed. For your audience to be interested and stay in touch it’s important that you add value to them at each step on their journey by providing interesting, entertaining, inspiring and relevant content. They want you to invest in them before they give you their business.

No one wants their feed constantly full of adverts from you.

You are aiming to build quality relationships that in the long run will lead to loyalty and repeat custom.

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